5859 Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, FL 33137
(mind the ghost,

watch out for the ants)


The Borscht Film Festival is a quasi-yearly event held at iconic Miami venues that showcases films created by emerging regional filmmakers telling Miami stories that go beyond the typical portrayal of the city as a beautiful but vapid party town, forging the cinematic identity of the city.


The Borscht Film Festival believes in Miami's potential to host a world-class independent film industry and are doing their part by inspiring collaboration between members of the idiosyncratic generation that was born in the 80's and came of age with the city itself.


By keeping this 'Miami New Wave' of talent that has traditionally abandoned Miami for larger markets working on the city at least once a year, they believe they can build global interest for the wholly original film movement, and it is their belief that Miami has the cinematic richness of character to compete with Scorcese's New York, Fellini's Rome, or Godard's Paris.


This video was the announcement for last year's festival.